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DrawingSetDo you want to see how the Book of Exodus thoroughly describes the Tabernacle as a round Yurt-like structure - both inside and out?

Do you want a better undersanding of God, nature, and yourself?  

Do you want the key to decipher ancient prophecies?

Project Betzalel drawings are created for Bible students of all ages3 who wish to think "outside the box".  The drawings are easy to follow and guaranteed to prove the Tabernacle's round design (if you can assemble IKEA furniture, you can figure this out!)  All Project Betzalel drawing sets come in five sheet sets with a 14 day money back guaranteeare printed in color in the U.S., and are available in three different sizes.2

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Project Betzalel Tabernacle drawings uniquely expound upon the original text of Exodus 26 and 27 on a verse-by-verse and item-by-item basis.  Created with abbreviated Hebrew descriptions, they are designed to help the user overcome English Bible texts, which include translations that have been manipulated in order to substantiate the rectangular Tabernacle model.  By means of vivid color illustrations, tables, and callout details, they help the user dissect the text on a step-by-step basis - accounting for every item, detail, and ounce of material - and addressing many details and textual nuances which cannot be explained via the traditional rectangular Tabernacle model, consequentially eluding scholars for centuries.1 Guarantee and Refund is less Shipping and Handling charges.  Guarantee only applies to domestic orders (as well as Canada & Israel).  2 Drawing prices listed above do not include Shipping and Handling charges.3 Call for volume discount possibilities.   

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