Would you Worship a "God in a Box"?

People from every nation of the world might be familiar with the story of Israel's wilderness journey. According to Bible texts, the former Hebrew slaves built a mysterious wilderness Tabernacle following the Egyptian Exodus so that God might dwell among them at the foot of Mount Sinai.  A conventional life-size model (Timna Park, Israel) of that Tabernacle is shown in the image below:

Stiftshuette Modell Timnapark


As tradition would have it, Israel essentially journeyed with "God in a box", as the mysterious Tabernacle is thought to be proportioned a bit like a shoebox - or perhaps a conventional shipping container.    

BUT - WHAT IF?!?!Intermodal Transport by Truck1

But - what if - the Exodus Tabernacle story is so mysterious because Bible translations and the things that we've learned about this amazing wilderness tent were completely distorted?  What if generations of scholars and theologians have been depicting the wrong image of God's house for centuries?   How would such a discovery shape your religious convictions? 


Shown above is a computer-generated model created from the literal verse-by-verse and even word-by-word description of the Exodus Bible text.  How so?  For those dependent Bible artwork and translations, this will take significant explanation.  To that end, Project 314 was created as a multimedia outreach - with the mission of restoring this original image of God's house to all sojourning nations embracing the faith of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob.

Help Pitch the Tent!Under Construction

In light of this round tabernacle rediscovery, in the tradition of Moses, and with the help of Heaven, Project 314 will be launching a crowdfunding campaign to help share, educate, and raise awareness of the round Betzalel Tabernacle.  Stay tuned for more!

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Unlock Tabernacle Keyhole 

 Reach out to God...

Do you believe our physical bodies are made in God's image, and that they are designed to connect to God in an individual and personal way?  Did you know that your body was designed to be a temple of God? What if deciphering the original ancient Exodus Tabernacle is instrumental in understanding our connection to God, given that the temple was designed to resemble the human body? Restore your divine connection today!  


Unlock Tabernacle Keyhole 

 Open the Door...

Did you know there is a key required to unlock ancient Exodus Tabernacle Secrets? Try as you may, but you won't find this key in Sunday school, synagogue, or even seminary, even though it is "hidden in plain sight"!  Ironically, this "key" has been preserved through ancient cultures, despite popular media obfuscation. Forget about passwords; click here to unlock the Tabernacle's secrets and embark on your journey to discovery...  



 Walk in Faith... 

With outstretched arms and divine intervention, Moses used a humble staff to part the sea.  What are you doing with your stick? Walking past the walls of water, Israel left Egypt with an abundance of treasures, talents, and time, so they might build God's Tabernacle in the Sinai wilderness. Given similar objectives, Project 314 needs your help to accomplish its Mission. Step forward in faith! Fill your life with purpose!  Get connected! Sign up or donate right away!



I hope you enjoy your journey!

- Andrew Hoy, Project 314 Founder  


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