~ Different Skills United Towards a Common Cause ~

Are you inspired by the round Hebrew Tabernacle vision and discovery, and tired of being a religious spectator?

Are you interested in advancing the media and modeling missions of Project 314 and Project Betzalel? 

Moses did not build the Tabernacle all by himself; he had two experienced assistants (named Betzalel, or "house in God's image" and Oheliab, meaning "tent father" in Hebrew) that possessed different skill sets and knowledge bases required to accomplish the work.  Needless to say, even though Betzalel and Oheliab were talented in a variety of trades and crafts, they did not build the Taberancle by themselves either; they directed and worked with former slaves who themselves were experts in their respective fields and "knew the ropes" as a result of a lifetime of harsh Egyptian labor.

In a similar way, Project 314 and Project Betzalel are in need of skilled volunteers to help further medial development and physical modeling projects.  Over the past several years, many more people have asked about Project 314 status, progress, and content development than those who have offered to lend a hand.  If effect, the original Tabernacle was "crowdfunded" by volunteer donations and labor, and it is unreasonable to think that something of interest (such as Exodus Tabernacle restoration) will materialize with a box of popcorn in one hand and a remote control in the other.  

While media coverage must logically precede construction efforts, skill sets and professions that are perceived to be of the greatest potential benefit to the two projects have been itemized in the columns below.  Please note that the list below is not considered to be comprehensive or all encompassing, and is therefore not intended to exclude people who want to help facilitate the projects in a more general capacity or in a way that is not presently envisioned.  

Media & Creative Arts
Project Needs

Technical & Trade
Project Needs

Project Needs

CGI Specialist 
Video Editor
Sound Specialist
Marketing / Advertising Specialist

Registered Architectural Engineer
Mechanical Designer / CAD Specialist
Electrical Engineer
Chemist / Biochemist
Physicians / Medical Professionals

Administrative Assistant
Public Relations Specialist
Social Media Specialist
Project Manager
Research Specialist
Linguists / Translators

If you are interested in volunteering time, skills, and/or knowledge to the project, click the button below and select the volunteer option on the contact form and describe your availability (hours per week or month), your background, as well as the capacity in which you might volunteer in the comments field.

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