Tabernacle Design, Analysis, and Exegesis 

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Because one incorrect detail - however small it may be - can result in a catastrophic engineering failure, engineers are quick to cite a popular maxim, that is, "the Devil is in the details".  However, if this maxim is true, then the reverse should also hold true, namely that "divinity is in the details" in cases where all details are correct - where the "Devil" has been driven out.  As such, links to pages below are created for a detail-oriented audience.  Break out your Bible, your dictionaries, and your sliderule (if you have one) and see if you can exorcise the devil from the divine! 

Looking Around

Don't be a square!  Introduce yourself to the Tabernacle's new - or shall we say old - and ROUND look.   

Tabernacle Drawings

How does a round Tabernacle design comply with Bible descriptions?  Don't be shy; roll up your sleeves and examine Project Betzalel "Exodus Engineering Exegesis drawings", as they explain how the round Tabernacle model complies with the Exodus text on a verse-by-verse basis. 

Outside the Box

See how Bible texts come together with engineering principles and turn the rectangular model upside down. 

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