What is PI, a.k.a. "π" ?

What is PI, a.k.a. "π" ?
Andrew Hoy

 Pi formula


Often approximated fractionally as 22/7 or rounded to 3.14159, π is an irrational number that cannot be represented with terminating or repeating decimals.


In engineering and construction, understanding π is of critical importance, as it is impossible to build various  structures and building features without measuring or controlling critical diameter or circumference dimensions.

Ferris Wheel At Aussie World Leaning Tower of Pisa

St. Peters Dome Izumo Dome

Aussie World Ferris Wheel1 (upper left); Leaning Tower of Pisa2 (upper right); 
St. Peter's Basilica3 (lower left); Izumo Dome4 (lower right).  

In building the Exodus Tabernacle Courtyard curtain set, the same basic understanding of π or PI (approximately equal to 314/100) is also required, as illustrated in the sketch below:  

Tabernacle Curtains



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