Why are you choosing such an unusual subject?

I am writing to ask in a loving way, why you are choosing such an unusual subject to dispute. I was searching for a verse and your page popped up in the search results. It is very clear to me that the Tabernacle explained in the time of Moses was in fact 30 cubits by 10 cubits and that cannot be the dimensions for a circle. If it were a circle, then the Lord would have given very detailed instructions on a circular structure. The details would have included everything from the fabric material to the different metals to who was responsible for carrying each individual item, etc.. If there is anything to dispute here, why not trust in the fact that an all-knowing, all-powerful and ever-present God would have no need for a man to approve His design? By what you are saying on your site, you are claiming that my God is a liar. Regardless of the fact that it was 30x10 cubits, the mere fact that God Himself was present makes your entire case moot because He is perfect. During the day, if the cloud was to move, the TENTMAKERS were to immediately disassemble the Tabernacle and follow the cloud to its next destination and where the Lord stopped is where they erected the TENT of Meeting. The Lord was with them by day in the form of a cloud and by night in the form of a fire. If He is able to do what I just described then I don't think any engineering issues would be a problem. To suggest this really shows how little you know about the Bible. Why don't you read the entire book of Levitic