Webinar clarifications, rules, and exceptions:  
1.  Unemployed, fatherless, widows, volunteers, and aliens are eligible for discounted or free webinar attendance.  If you qualify as such, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more details.  
2.  Zoom Web links will be provided after receipt of payment  and within 4 hours of session start.  
3.  As indicated above, these sessions and learning tools are crafted with such confidence that they are offered with a money-back guarantee.  To request a refund, conference attendees must do so while in attendance at the end of the teaching session, whereas recipients of physical product are requested to accompany returned product undamaged and with written basis for a refund request.   Note that physical products may not ship or arrive until after the conference is concluded.  
4.  Webinar attendees agree that images, audio, video, and/or text recorded may be used in further publication or broadcast for Project 314 with their consent.  The privacy and/or protection of identity is the sole responsibility of conference participants.