Tools for School

Whether you are trying to educate yourself, another person, or an entire group of people, different teaching and learning tools are appropriate.  As previously indicated, The House of El Shaddai—God's Dwelling Place Reconsidered  was written and illustrated to presents a thorough verse-by-verse comparison between the rediscovered Hebrew-based round yurt-like model and the traditional and familiar rectangular designs.  However, books are not the ideal solution for all audiences, especially for those demanding a more engaging learning tool, digital formatting, or concise collection of information.  For such audiences, two other tools are recommended; The House of El Shaddai Exodus Tabernacle PowerPoint(R) Presentation, and the Project Betzalel Exodus Engineering Exegesis. 

The Exegesis drawings (left) are created mostly for advanced students, featuring a single introductory cover sheet, with the technical content being reduced to four sheets of information and includes bilingual English-Hebrew phrases.  These drawings do not recognize or address religious traditions, although they are of great assistance in identifying English Bible translation pitfalls, given the abbreviated bilingual content.  Much of the tabulated English commentary is based upon the Hebrew particulars, which is concisely cited in drawing Tables.  

Available in a variety of sizes and formats, these colorful CAD-based Engineering style drawings are great for detailed studies or five minute overviews.  Go to Products page to view the sample page and for more details.  

Made specifically for teaching classes and large audiences, The House of El Shaddai Exodus Tabernacle Presentation is designed for Full High Definition (FHD 1080p) computer monitor or projector viewing.  Created in multiple Windows/Mac compatible formats (PowerPoint, jpg, and pdf), the contents of the Exodus Tabernacle Presentation can be viewed on almost any device, including PC's, smart TV's, and tablets.  

Perhaps the most versatile of all of The House of El Shaddai products, this presentation features easy-to-use links for quick navigation, making it great for self-guided tours as well as in-depth or discussion-led studies.  In addition to the base 180+ slide presentation, this product includes an electronic presentation and printable copy of The House of El Shaddai Questioning the Tabernacle Workbook, making it ideal for student homework, quizzes, or public class discussion.  

Much like the book, this presentation uses a verse-by-verse and a step-by step approach to dismantle the presumptive traditional model in order to make way for the rediscovered Hebrew-based model.   However, unlike to book, this presentation offers a few additional resources, include bilingual (Hebrew/English) Bible texts, as well as an abbreviated Strong's Concordance based table to help serious students compare original terms to problematic words and phrases that are popular in virtually all of today's English translations.