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Do you own a bookstore, teach a class, have a loyal audience, specialize in marketing or a platform for advertising, or just love to share unique and inspirational ideas?  If so, consider helping restore God's dwelling place by distributing Project 314 publications, including books, videos, drawings, presentations, posters, models, and brochures.   After all, we are living in an information age and at a time where knowledge is being increased, and as such, the importance of making sure that the information that is advancing is accurate and truthful.  By selling or donating Tabernacle education materials, you can partner with Project 314 become a "truth warrior", and help reform the religious world for the better!

Project 314 offers special discounts and pricing for all products purchased direct and in volume, and has a promotional code programs for those interested in offering marketing / product promotion assistance. If you are interested in distributing or promoting project materials, please click the Contact Us link and complete the form as instructed.

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